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Adam Lister 
Email: adamlistergallery@gmail.com
Instagram: @listergallery
Born in 1978, Adam Lister lives and works in Beacon, New York. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, Lister is a visual artist whose work consists of geometric interpretations of iconic imagery and pop culture references. Lister has exhibited his artwork in numerous galleries throughout the world, while also collaborating with streetwear brands, athletic companies, and other artists.

Lister breaks down classic images to their most elemental forms by combining the deconstructed and minimal aesthetic of pixelated graphics with the transparency of watercolor paint and the flatness of acrylic paint. The artist explores the relationship of nostalgia and mathematics, taking on subjects that hold a collective familiarity and reducing them to flat cubist-like compositions. The process deals with taking a memory of an image, and highlighting its complexity and simplicity at the same time. These paintings are influenced by geometric thinking and a desire to capture the briefness of a mental picture. Lister’s curiosity surrounding visual perception and spatial arrangement plays with the way that he describes each image with a specific level of clarity.
Born: 1978
current city: Beacon, New York
Education: BFA Painting & Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York NY, 2003

A Bathing Ape, Reebok, CARROTS, Sergio Tacchini, Diamond Supply Co., LG ULTRA, Unique Board, Budmen Industries

-Miyazaki Tribute Exhibit, Spoke Art, New York, NY
-Essential Lucidity, HO Gallery, Vienna, Austria 
-All the Rage, Madarin Oriental, Taipei, Taiwan
-Van Gogh and the Sunflowers, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands -Salut!, Nucleus Gallery, Portland, OR
-Small Works Exhibit, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-Anniversary Exhibit, 212 Arts, New York, NY
-Apt. 5A, Spoke Art, New York, NY
-Suddenly Familiar, Guy Hepner Gallery, New York, NY
-A Bathing Ape XXV Anniversary Exhibit, Tokyo, Japan
-DysPOPia, GR Gallery, New York, NY
-Golden Age, Yo Gallery, Beijing, China
-Legacy Wu-Tang Tribute Exhibit, JAG, San Diego, CA
-Impressive... Most Impressive, Black Book Gallery, Denver, CO
-Supersonic Invitational, Spoke Art, New York, NY
-Miyazaki Exhibit, Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA
-Mausoleum, JAG, San Diego, CA
-CONFIGURATION, Arsham-Fieg Gallery at KITH, New York, NY -Supersonic, Spoke Art, New York, NY
-Black and White, JAG, San Diego, CA
-Chocolate Show, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-Bad Dads, Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA
-Lord of Thrones, Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA
-A Bathing Ape Collaboration Exhibit, BAPE, New York, NY
-My Hero, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
-Elucidation, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-Bad Dads, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY
-The Color of Strangeness, Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA
-Heroes & Villians, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL
-12 year Anniversary Exhibit, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA -Coffee and Donuts, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-RAISED, The Cage at West 4th Street, New York, NY
-12x12 Squared, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-Winter Group Exhibit, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-Wet Geometry, Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-Principals Principles, KuBe, Beacon, NY
-Carrier Pigeon group exhibit, Mondrian, New York, NY
-Line Forms Here, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-BOS Exhibit, Hudson Beach Gallery, Beacon, NY
-BOS Exhibit, The Lofts Gallery, Beacon, NY
-Manic Episode 4, T.A.S., Groningen, Netherlands
-Small Works Exhibit, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY
-Carrier Pigeon, EMOA SPACE Chelsea, New York, NY
-Wet Dreams, Catalyst Projects, Washington DC
-Recent Paintings: Solo Exhibition, The Heurich Gallery, Washington DC -Fleet, The Bishop on Bedford, Brooklyn NY
-Maniac Episode 3: part 2, Hamburg City Hall, Hamburg, Germany
-Hojus, Lister & Pearson: Net Worked, Athenaeum, Alexandria VA -Making Room: Ten Interpretations, The Institute Library, New Haven CT -Carrier Pigeon: Artist Driven 2, Dalet Gallery, Philadelphia PA -Cloudism, The Waddell Gallery, Sterling, VA
-CP7 Release Exhibit, Eckhaus Gallery, Kutztown PA
-Governors Island Art Fair, Carrier Pigeon Exhibit, New York NY

-Maniac Episode 3, Kunstlerhaus Dosenfabrik, Hamburg, Germany -Magically Suspicious, School 33 Gallery, Baltimore MD
-It's a Small Small World, Family Business Gallery, New York, NY -UFO 2012, Load of Fun Gallery, Baltimore MD
-Saturation Point, The Gallery On The Corner, London, England -(e)merge Art Fair, Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington DC
-Call and Respond, George Mason Univerity 123 Gallery, Fairfax VA -10 Years After 9/11, Pepco Edison Gallery, Washington DC -Curating for a Cure, Lamont Bishop Gallery, Washington DC -Restore: Japan, Lamont Bishop Gallery, Washington DC
-Select: Art Gala, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington DC -The Color of Time, The Sherwood Rotary Gallery, Fairfax VA
-Banter: A Dialog, L2 Gallery, Washington DC
-Vanishing Points, Unsmoke Systems Gallery, Braddock, PA
-Pop Up on U Street, Affinity Labs, Washington DC
-Celebrating the Arts, Fairfax Museum, Fairfax, VA
-Grand Opening, The SPACE, Fairfax, VA
-Jamaica Flux, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens, NY -The Speed of Time, OTH Gallery, Fairfax, VA
-Red Light, Green Light, Magnolia Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Commissions available: adamlistergallery@gmail.com